About Us

The Brand Nepal Venture exists to Provide a professional online marketplace for all Nepalese Products and services. We aim to be a One Stop platform for all Nepalese products. Furthermore, we religiously work towards Highlighting our partnered brands and providing them the space and recognition they so rightly deserve locally and internationally.

The Idea of Brand Nepal was first brought in by Radio Nagarik in 2018 where they hosted a Carnival for all Nepalese brands, this carnival was again held out in 2019 by Radio Nagarik itself. Both events were great successes, and people started demanding it more frequently.

Also the year 2020 started unexpectedly with a global pandemic, which changed the way people live, and changed the face of nepalese market.So came the idea of  taking BrandNepal online, with the core purpose still being focused on the recognition of Nepalese brands and startups. 

When we started exploring the idea of an online marketplace for all Nepalese goods and services we figured out that all these platforms have grouped Nepalese products with international products. Which for us seemed unfair, furthermore we realized that startups and many Nepalese brands have been pressured towards social media to operate and create their own niche, which is great for them but they would require a much larger customer base to sustain. So, The Brand Nepal comes in to provide exactly that professional marketplace for all Nepalese brands and services. Our primary function still is and will be to create a fair Marketplace, but our vision goes way beyond. We will work with these brands to create their mark in the market with their own distinctive ideas and uniqueness. We will help them cater to a much larger audience, and support the logistic needs of these brands. We believe, all Nepalese brands united stand a chance to succeed.