Moonwake Skincare

Daily Revive & Restore Serum

A multi functional serum that contains Hyaluronic acid & Niacinamide and tonnes of other hydrating ingredients to treat dry, patched skin, sun damage, keep pores healthy. Fit for all age groups specially teenagers and anyone looking for a moisture surge in their skincare routine.

Rs 900

An affordable & multi functional serum designed specifically for young skin or anyone looking to provide extra moisture surge as well as counteract breakouts. It can be a holy grail for for teenagers as it will treat acne, redness or redness associated with skin sensitivity. The multi molecular weights of Hyaluronic acid provides moisturization to all the layers of the skin keeping them supple. Niacinamide helps with sun damaged skin, discolourations & breakouts alongwith brightening up the skin complexion. The blend of Natural plant extracts are gentle on skin and deliver similar results as that of Retinol but without the discomforts associated with it. 

An oil -free, non-greasy serum that gets abosrbed quickly and is perfect for anyone starting out to use serums for the first time.

Use on cleansed, damp skin and follow up with a moisturiser of choice. Can be used in the day time or night time skincare routine.

Do not use with Vitamin C and AHAs.

·       Affordable Multi functional serum for everyday use

·       It is free of oil & essential oils or fragrances hence it provides oil-free moisturization

·       Varied molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid hydrates all the layers of skin

·       Contains Vitamin B3 & B5

·       Niacinamide helps with sun damage & discolourations

·       White Willow Bark helps refine pores & reduces its appearance keeping them in a healthy condition

·       Extracts of Gotu Kola helps with incresing moisturizing benefits.

·       Extract of Bidens Pilosa works as a Natural form of Retinol providing structure & firmness to the skin

·       Extract of Licorice helps with reviving complexion

·       Reduces breakouts

·       Can be used by all skin types