Desi Grub

Desi Grub Anti-Oxidant Tea (40 Gms)

Detoxifies the Body, Helps Weight Loss, Premium Super Food, 100% Natural, Vegan, Zero Additives, Herbal Dietary Supplement, Produce of Nepal

Rs 315

Preserve the youth of your body and maintain your alluring beauty with our too good to be true Antioxidant tea. It is meticulously assorted to supply requisite catechins, phytochemicals and antioxidant to support over all body functions and promote immune resilience. Reduces effect of oxidative stress and detoxifies internal organs providing a restored energetic body. Together with Stinging Nettle and South Indian curry leaves, it contains flavonoids, bioactive. phytonutrients and vitamins, this tea aids in better response to chemotherapy in breast cancer and increases WBC count in blood.


• Detoxifies the body.

• Slows down cell aging.

• Fights free radicals.

• Regulates blood circulation and heart health.

• Provides better liver health.

• Restores gut acidic balance.

• Smoothens the walls of blood vessels.

• Prevents atherosclerosis.

• Improves bad eye sight.

• Glowing healthy skin, nourished hair and firm nails.