Desi Grub

Desi Grub Immune Tea (50 Gms)

Boosts Immunity, Nutrient Rich, Premium Super Food, 100% Natural, Vegan, Zero Additives, Herbal Dietary Supplement, Produce of Nepal

Rs 300

Powered with a 5 immunity boosting herbs, Giloy (Gurjo), Liquorice (Yashtimadhu), Indian Gooseberry(Amla), Murobalan (Harro) and Terminalia bellirica (Baheda), Desi Grub Immune Tea is an extraordinary preventive herbal tea that uplifts body resilience and quenches free radicals deposited in the tissues and blood due to modern pollutants and UV rays. Alkaloids and Lignans in Gurjo have antidiabetic and anticancer properties. Lignans prevent further growth of viruses and protects body from oxidative damage. Blended with intrinsic Amla, this tea provides double antioxidative properties than the ancient turmeric and also assists in healing tissues at a cellular level. King of medicine, Harro is antiseptic, diuretic and febrifuge in action. Imbued with bioactive components, vitamin C, oxalic acid and selenium, Baheda safeguards respiratory and cardiovascular health. All the herbal components put together, Immune tea provides a multifunctional therapeutic stimulus to our wavering body health especially amidst the pandemic time.

Net Wt: 50 Gms


• Antibacterial, Antipyretic, Anti-Inflammatory.

• Builds a strong immune system.

• Enhances body Natural Killer cell activity.

• Treats Recurrent Fever and Hansen's disease.

• Prevents replication of SARS- CoV2

• Regulates body homeostasis.

• Improves Digestion and appetite.

• Aids in curing mouth ulcers.

• Eliminates bad breath.

• Reduces Asthmatic and other Respiratory issues.

• Lowers Blood Pressure.

• Monitors blood sugar level.

• Reduces anxiety

• Sweet astringent earthy flavor