Lil Sherpa

Lil Sherpa Vakra Earrings

Just like the Rapunzel sweeps the meadows with her locks, while we hold hands and walk together in the deep burrows within, the beaten brass solids symbolizes the modern women and her ability to bind things together yet walk with all.

Rs 4200

Vakra in Sanskrit means twisted .This collection is inspired by today's modern woman who alongside carries her learnings and traditions meeting ends .Her life is twisted but yet she is happy to work as a super women where she is independent and is handling everything around ,setting an example of excellence.
Saluting Women all over !
Handcrafted in Brass with 24kt gold plating
Push and Post made in silver
13 Gms
Length- 5.8 cm
Care Info
  • Avoid direct contact with perfume, oils, body lotions or any other chemicals.
  • Keep away from water, excessive heat or moisture.
  • Store separately in an airtight/zip lock pouch box when not in use.
  • Be careful while storing your jewelry due to their delicate nature 
  • Clean them with a cotton or a dried cloth 
  • Gold plating can wear off as its a natural process , you could contact us about the same